What should you know about solo travelling?

Solo travelling is soulful travelling. It helps you understand the real depth of travelling. You are at liberty to make plans without compromises. You can enjoy such plans or the lack of it. It provides you with the real ‘me’ time. Ideally, you shouldn’t set out to discover places, but to discover yourself. That’s what solo travelling helps you accomplish. It puts you in a position to expect instantaneous fun, rather follow schedule. Solo travellers often have more life changing experiences during tours, than travellers going in groups. You got more time and privacy in your hands while travelling solo.

Travelling alone can be such a liberating experiencing. Being able to do random things in a new territory feels awesome. People who travelled a lot as family can relate to this. Until people hit an age, they are under control of parents or guardians. The first solo trip can be dream come true for many. Avid travellers long for that from their childhood days. It’s more of a longing than an option. Companionship is fine, but it shouldn’t be excessive. You can have your fun and get your tour. But to understand depths never known existed, solo travelling is your ticket.

The perks of solo travelling are endless. Firstly, you can do everything as per you wish. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about exploring things on your own. Your trip stays focused to yourself. You don’t have to worry about your cousin, who won’t be done with his selfies. You don’t have to wait up for your aunty to finish her souvenir shopping. You can eat what you wish, rather than thinking about logistics and other conveniences associated with a group. You can change the itinerary halfway during a trip. If you happened to found out another country on the way that doesn’t require a visa, why not extend the trip?

The irony is you will never be lonely while travelling solo. Tons of solo travelers flock into each and every popular tourist destinations every day. You stand a good chance to meet with them. It’s a pleasurable experience to talk with strangers. You can make friends every single day. You can sign into any organized treks and camps, as you wish. Knowing a person can happen in hostels, trains or even over a coffee. Moreover, you can make friends with people sharing common interests. Travelling seldom gets any better.

Solo travelling helps mature at a personal level. It makes people become self-confident and self-reliant. It puts you out of your comfort zone. You will have to deal with unexpected situations. Those are situations, where you get to know more about yourself. You will learn to cope with such situations quicker than usual. Backpacking solo makes anyone a confident person. You get an opportunity to meet with the locals. You get a feel of their culture and lifestyle. Untrue to your natural fear, it is totally safe to travel solo. There are myriad services and options available to solo travellers these days.